Friday, February 13, 2009

My beloved india

i am a
For years I have been observing the things around me from localised view. It is some thing like if you are walking on road and start believing that the earth is flat...
It was like awaking from a sweet dreams and facing the harsh reality.
Yes i am talking about ma beloved nations india.

I had some strange notions about ma country which no longer exist now :
1) I was a strong believer of india shining . But recently i have realised we are still among the poorest countries of the world. Full of corruption and chaos. THESE ARE SOME OF THE SHOCKING FIGURES WHICH ARE 2008 INDIA NOT 90 S
-42 percent of indians are living below internation poverty line of 21 rs for urban and 14 rs for rural area
-85 percent of population is living under 2.5$ roughly equal to 120 Rs which is higher than sub saharan africa
-50 percent of india childern are born under weight which is double the percentage of subsaharan africa
-65 percent indians does not have access to proper health facility
-Literacy rate in india is 64.84 percate which implies roughly 36 percent indians does not have access even to primary education.
Now there is an obvious question: where does we stand in this world. Are we really a super Power in making?
True there has been lot of talking regarding india as a next big thing in the world. But can we achieve that.
can we even hope to achieve that ?
If we think do we have road map to success?
If a country and its people have such a big dreams then to realize such dreams what should be the expectation from the drivers of our vehicle (leaders are driver of this country)
But all over leaders energy is diverted into elctoral politics.
Time for some of the harsh political realities:
I still wonder y the gals are beaten up like any thing in pubs n still nothing cant be done(Dont we have police army any thing to control this moral policing)
I still wonder dozens of christions are murdered with out any reason
I still wonder how such an attack on mumbai is possible
I cant forget blasts in almost all maor indian cities in one years time:
Bangalore (IT capital)
Japiur Rajasthan
Assam (Goahati) not even once but twice
I would criticise media for not giving any coverage to blast in assam as there was no islamic out fit behind those. so no masala news they could gather and make of story
I still wonder how there can be such a drastic change in the demography of northeast india with a Muslim majority population. How can it be possible with out muslim appeasement policy of congress who didnt stop influx of bangladeshi into india. I am not against Muslims of india but illegal bagladeshis are not allowed here. They have no busniess to be here india. (Thankyou congress for that)

Congress: Your Muslim appeasmemt policy can never end this serial blast

I still wonder when ever BJP comes to a power there would be a certain rise of Hindu fanatics and organissation like Bajrang dak, ram sain n all will suddenly starting gaining power.
What do you think Mr Advani poeple in india doesnt have brains and they can not make out such a simple correlation . Gujrat riots exposed BJP beyond limit .
Left Parties(CPI/CPM)
1950 (Calcutta: Most advance indian city. with excellent strategic location. sea harbour. every thing which is required for flourisihing trade, emplyoment and prosperity). Now consider dirtiest metro city.
There were hundreds of industry on Ganga basin (mainly jute industry). Then came Left with with its famous Red flag and labour laws. All the factories either shifted to some other state or closed.
How can they appreciate and support china which is biggest threat to india even grater than pakistan
How can they be against ties with US and nuclear deal when our 50 percent of business depends on america
Left: Your industrial contribution for India will be remembered
Left can we bank on you for national development and making india a super power?
Does you have policy and vision for a success. i seriously doubt
who else who else is there
BSP (Maya wati)
BSP was the party formed to espouse the cause of backword class who were exploited by the higher caste(Mainly against brahmin)
With its founder Mr Kashi Ram giving a statement "Tilak , Taraju aur Talwar inko maro jute char)
But then Mayawati realised oo i can never Fulfill ma political motives wid out Brahmin support. So included Brahmins as socially backword .
Can we bank on a party which is made only for on section of the socity and not for all.
I seriously doubt .. SP, RJd, Shiv sena, DMK , AIADMK i consider all of them as same....

Does any of these political parties even have a will to make india a super power.
I thought alot on this but could not find out any solution , But with present political parties around i doubt we can be super power..
If any one have solution please write it in comments or in there blog .. gimme the link i will be happy to red it ....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

हमारी संस्कृति और आधुनिक युग की माँग

हमारी संस्कृति और आधुनिक युग की माँग
Hello All,I am glad to see comments on ma previous blog.Your response is highly appreciated.
This post coves wide range of things related to indian society. I will be jumping between different things and may be taking wide range of examples. Hope readers will try to get the center idea of this post. E.g i will be discussing cultures dogmas in one para and may be talking about not supporting regional parties. As some of the regional parties exploits our soft corner for our strong cultural sentiments.

We Indians some times gets over obsessed with our local beleives and close our self to all forms of cultural criticism. Some times this cultural binding hinderes growth in current contemporary world around us).(Note: not pertaining to any religion this is about india)Still majority of us does not think globally and are not ready to come out of the dogmatic approach pertaining to our region and culture.
Our politician are smart enough to use this sentiment and influenced people with inflaming statements to save our culture and region.People are prone to get easily trapped in these statements and start folllowing them ignoring another side of the coin.That is one of the reason which has been used by many politically insignificant leaders to come to the center stage.

Threating innocent life in any form to preserve believes of your community is not acceptable in democratic society. There are many examples in indian history where small regional groups have caused significant distruction to public property and disturbed public life. Gujjar struggle for reservation is the recent one.

I wonder how we can make such mistakes and let other to exploit our sentiments. After hours of brain storming I come to the conclusion that many of us are not educated enough which is a major reason other being our less contact and knowlegde about other region/caste/community/religion/language.

If people/group/individual is/are not comfortable with any of the govt policy or have any feelings of he/they being exploited then there are many ways to express your grieves. No reason can justify use of violence or destruction/disturbance to public life.To end it i would only say that life is a beautifull things, peace,harmony in society is door to development and education being the path, respect for other religion/region/caste/sect/language is the will to follow the path to success.Even I have seen educated people indulging in violence and supporting riots (bandhs) over small issues which affects common life.Suggestion please...

मराठी मानुष जागो और राज ठाकरे की खुल कर बुराई करो..

मराठी मानुष जागो और राज ठाकरे की खुल कर बुराई करो..

Hello friends,
For the last few days there has been lots of talk regarding maharashtra and marathi manush but for all negative reason..
An ordinary person finding no way to fulfil his politicdal ambitions resort to an easy short cut "Politics of division"What Raj thakrae trying to achieve by creating this soicial and political turmoil (political agenda):-Trying to gather support from Marathi Manush by politics of division and hattered-To gain support of those who has been traditional supporter of bala Sahib
Role of Ruling Party (Congress):
Congress and NCP are the rulling alliance but by far has been silent on the issue with exception of few loose statements by senior party members and home minister:What congress will get out of this political situation:- Bala sahib has been a main political threat to congress in maharashtra now by supporting his nephew with more or less same ideology (only being served in different package) congress is trying to weaken his main political rival - Votes will be divided among MNS and SHIV sena and is win win situation for congress
How does it affects our own beloved nation India(country whom all of us love so dearly)
-Ever increasing division of our country among different states
-More instances like Kashmir, Punjab and North East and demand for seperate states
-New form of terriorism based on states
-Weakening the integrety of nation
-Helping enemies to take adnavtage of gap in coordintaion among different states and let them successfully destroy national property
-Feeling of nation will take a secondary position and only language, state chauvinism will rule
-Bad economic influence over national and regional business communit
-Deteoriate reputation of India as country in Global Arena.
Bus itna hi kahunga ki humare desh ko azad krwane wale wo lakho deshwasi aaj hum logo ko dekhte to sharam se mastak jhuka lete aur Is desh ke liye ki gayee kurbaniyon ke liye Afsos karte. Bhagat Singh ne Kurbani dete waqt yeh nahi socha tha ki wo Punjab ke liye Kurbani de rahe hain kintu unhone apni jaan desh k liye di thi...
I am not complaining against any of the political party and dont have grudge or support for any party . I am not political. This is a humble appeal to all indians... We should not let some people destroy the harmony and peace..

"Hind Desh Ke nivasi Sabhi Jan Ek hain rang roop Bhesh Bhasha Chahe Anek ho

"Pahle bolo Jai Hind .... Uske baad Jai maharashtra

Sorry state of Indian Politics

Indian Politics:
There is a major difference between our desi and american politician. There is even more difference between our janta and american janta.
Indian Janta consider politics as a gutter(dirty profession) and politicians as a corrupt and dishonest.
American consider politics as a noble profession and expect there politician to be intelligent, smart and honest.

Why we dont have honest and intelligent politician ?
Middle class which is consider to be strengh of indian economy has so far not been actively involved in the profession. Smart and intelligent youth from middle class has been more interested in taking up professional like IT, Manufatcuring or medicines.
State of indian politics could be changed if these smart and intelligent youth from middle class can be attarcted to join politics.
Where does the problem lies ?
Youth is avoiding politics not because they are irresponsible or shying away from the hard work required. Problem lies some where else.
These bright talented youth would consider development as there prime motive and will consider development as the only benchmark to measure there performance. These people can take our country forward and make it a success as they are commited to development and nothing else.
But in our country development is not the only benchmark to judge your performance.There are many other things which are considered to be important to judge there political capability.
We talk about unity but where is unity. We started dividing people intially by caste, then came religion and now region(language). Now if one want to be successfull politician then he/she should use caste, religion and region to your best use. These things act as repellent to attract youth to politics.
How these corrupt politician comes into power ?
Lets take an example to understand this. Raj thakre using the region card (Marathi Manus) to his best use in maharashtra and got the maximum publicity that he wouldnt have got even in 20 years with development as motive.
Now politician from bihar too want to use this situation. They found an opportunity and got a political jack pot in terms of rahul raj. every politician of bihar is trying to use rahul raj to fulfil there political ambitions and get there share of publicity.
Result: People of bihar forgot that they have recently been hit by one of the worst food. Janta forgot about the flood and grave situation of the state and there focus is shifted. Politician finds an easy way to move the focus of the people from thousands of those who have been suffering from the tragic condition caused by the flood. I am not saying they shouldnt be worried about cause of Up and Bihar walas in mumbai.
But I am talking about the whole political ecosystem and how every thing is inter related.
There is famous qoute generaly used by managers "Dont talk about problems give solution"
Highlighting problem is the first and easiest step but to plan for the solution and take corrective action is the most difficut..
what can be solution of this Political Sudoku?
1. Expect more from our politicians
2. Politicians and poltical parties should be accountable for there deeds
3. There should be some sytem for direct and indirect feedback to govt, for its policies and govt offices at district, state and at country
4. National level debate over govt policies
5. Defining benchmark to measure govt policies
6. Media should behave more responsible for not giving publicity to persons who talks about things other than development.
Suggestion Invited