Friday, February 13, 2009

My beloved india

i am a
For years I have been observing the things around me from localised view. It is some thing like if you are walking on road and start believing that the earth is flat...
It was like awaking from a sweet dreams and facing the harsh reality.
Yes i am talking about ma beloved nations india.

I had some strange notions about ma country which no longer exist now :
1) I was a strong believer of india shining . But recently i have realised we are still among the poorest countries of the world. Full of corruption and chaos. THESE ARE SOME OF THE SHOCKING FIGURES WHICH ARE 2008 INDIA NOT 90 S
-42 percent of indians are living below internation poverty line of 21 rs for urban and 14 rs for rural area
-85 percent of population is living under 2.5$ roughly equal to 120 Rs which is higher than sub saharan africa
-50 percent of india childern are born under weight which is double the percentage of subsaharan africa
-65 percent indians does not have access to proper health facility
-Literacy rate in india is 64.84 percate which implies roughly 36 percent indians does not have access even to primary education.
Now there is an obvious question: where does we stand in this world. Are we really a super Power in making?
True there has been lot of talking regarding india as a next big thing in the world. But can we achieve that.
can we even hope to achieve that ?
If we think do we have road map to success?
If a country and its people have such a big dreams then to realize such dreams what should be the expectation from the drivers of our vehicle (leaders are driver of this country)
But all over leaders energy is diverted into elctoral politics.
Time for some of the harsh political realities:
I still wonder y the gals are beaten up like any thing in pubs n still nothing cant be done(Dont we have police army any thing to control this moral policing)
I still wonder dozens of christions are murdered with out any reason
I still wonder how such an attack on mumbai is possible
I cant forget blasts in almost all maor indian cities in one years time:
Bangalore (IT capital)
Japiur Rajasthan
Assam (Goahati) not even once but twice
I would criticise media for not giving any coverage to blast in assam as there was no islamic out fit behind those. so no masala news they could gather and make of story
I still wonder how there can be such a drastic change in the demography of northeast india with a Muslim majority population. How can it be possible with out muslim appeasement policy of congress who didnt stop influx of bangladeshi into india. I am not against Muslims of india but illegal bagladeshis are not allowed here. They have no busniess to be here india. (Thankyou congress for that)

Congress: Your Muslim appeasmemt policy can never end this serial blast

I still wonder when ever BJP comes to a power there would be a certain rise of Hindu fanatics and organissation like Bajrang dak, ram sain n all will suddenly starting gaining power.
What do you think Mr Advani poeple in india doesnt have brains and they can not make out such a simple correlation . Gujrat riots exposed BJP beyond limit .
Left Parties(CPI/CPM)
1950 (Calcutta: Most advance indian city. with excellent strategic location. sea harbour. every thing which is required for flourisihing trade, emplyoment and prosperity). Now consider dirtiest metro city.
There were hundreds of industry on Ganga basin (mainly jute industry). Then came Left with with its famous Red flag and labour laws. All the factories either shifted to some other state or closed.
How can they appreciate and support china which is biggest threat to india even grater than pakistan
How can they be against ties with US and nuclear deal when our 50 percent of business depends on america
Left: Your industrial contribution for India will be remembered
Left can we bank on you for national development and making india a super power?
Does you have policy and vision for a success. i seriously doubt
who else who else is there
BSP (Maya wati)
BSP was the party formed to espouse the cause of backword class who were exploited by the higher caste(Mainly against brahmin)
With its founder Mr Kashi Ram giving a statement "Tilak , Taraju aur Talwar inko maro jute char)
But then Mayawati realised oo i can never Fulfill ma political motives wid out Brahmin support. So included Brahmins as socially backword .
Can we bank on a party which is made only for on section of the socity and not for all.
I seriously doubt .. SP, RJd, Shiv sena, DMK , AIADMK i consider all of them as same....

Does any of these political parties even have a will to make india a super power.
I thought alot on this but could not find out any solution , But with present political parties around i doubt we can be super power..
If any one have solution please write it in comments or in there blog .. gimme the link i will be happy to red it ....

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